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Windows Explorer Crashes When Using Xvid/divx

Votes: Rating: 0 Delete: 0 Solar Hot Water with no plumbing changes! - Click Here From: Amar on 06/23/2012 Thanks .. Media players crashingConversion crashing after first filePremiere crashing after captureAVI files crashing/freezing computernero's audio codec crashingVirtualDub crashing with audio codecsMedia players keep crashing when trying to play avi filespdtv/xvid problem crashing Ask a question and give support. I'm having the EXACT same problem with the same error code. navigate here

This was only when I played one of my downloaded avi files ...in fact clicking on that file or moving it to the recycle bin also caused a crash! Now navigate to:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.avi\shellex\If there is a key called PropertyHandler in there, delete the value (Default). I also reinstalled CoreAVC and Haali Media Splitter and still no problems with Windows Media Player 10 playing uncompressed avi files... Make sure you have these privileges or contact someone who has them to get help.

The invalid frames are usually caused by resuming downloads. Votes: Rating: 0 Delete: 0 From: Leo on 06/23/2006 From: Curro on 08/28/2005I found this in http://home.hccnet.nl/h.edskes/faqenglish.htmQuestion: Some .avi files cause explorer.exe to crash. I can load my editing software and use that to import the clips and they work no problem at all from those drives, it's just when I go to the file Sometimes for whatever reason a download can end right in the middle, and you'll get a popup saying the download was finished, but it only downloaded 65MB of say a 90MB

It seems it's the preview on the sidebar that was crashing. In order to play the movie you need to install the DivX codec which contains a DX50 decompressor. And is there a program that kinda "completes" movies like that? Then it will appear as an empty value.

I have had similar problems in the past - certain .avi:s crashing the media player and windows folders (when preview was enabled). Then click the OK button to start Windows Media Player v6.4. 2.4 Lowering image resolution to reduce skipping If you're having problems with skipping you can also try lowering your To disable the "DivX Decoder Filter" from decoding XviD videos, simply goto the Start->Programs->DivX->DivX Codec folder and select the Configuration option. https://www.moviecodec.com/general/windows-crashing-3379/ When you install a video codec on your system it basically works as an add-on to your system with instructions how to compress and decompress video in that format.

it work! The files are really large, like 4gb for 26secs, and of high fps say 120fps clips. I uninstalled my CCCP codec pack and Windows Media Player can now recognise and play uncompressed avi files So I conclude that installing the CCCP codec pack MAY prevent Windows Media Any help would be great, thanks!!

About your problem - a wild guess: it could be related to the 'old' AVI-Bug in WinXP (WinXp scans movie files and 'lock' them even if you're not using them). To download and install the codec, goto the XviD codec section. You may also... This should tell your computer to use the installed XviD codec to decode XviD movies instead of the DivX codec.

The trick would be to disable previewing or customize the particular folder so it doesn't preview. - to disable preview in a specific folder: click view and choose icons or list http://advancedcomputech.com/windows-explorer/windows-eplorer-crashes.html Make sure to close all other programs before you try to install the XviD codec. Just installing the latest version of the XviD codec over the old one won't fix the problem as it doesn't remove the old files and registry settings. he was giving you a general rule of the forums.

We recommend using Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher to play XviD movies. At first I tried to remove all AVI assioates and reassosiate, but it did not work. Thoughts?Click to expand... http://advancedcomputech.com/windows-explorer/windows-explorer-crashes-programs-crash-pc-is-very-slow-kind-of-urgent-s.html Make sure to close all other programs before you try to install the XviD codec.

Votes: Rating: 0 Delete: 0 Save $$$ on your POWER BILL the easy way using this new solar power device! - Click Here From: Doug on 01/02/2011 Just to clarify, when one of the things i do is for example cap Quake 3 at 100fps, and render a 100fps clip and save it to my SataII drive in a lossless codec such If i save them to desktop, it works fine and doesn't crash.

If you download an updated version of divx (5.2.1) the problem should be fixed. 10-09-2004 05:14 PManonymous Feedback Well, 1: I don't have SP2 2: the movie should be complete (it's

Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this problem. After that I install Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2007-07-22 and error disappear. sorry just could not contain myselfi've has this problem for about a year with explorer crashing 'drwtson crashing when any folder with AVI files was openeddrove me crazy problem solved in If you've got all the required codecs installed on your system and you still can't play the movie it's possible that your installed codecs aren't working properly.

If i save the lossless video to a folder ive created on the USB or the Sata drive, i can browse to the folder ok, i can select any other file You can do this by trying to play an MP3 or another movie and see if the sound works. To find out which video codec you're missing you should download GSpot and open the movie you are having problems playing. weblink For AMD K6/K6-2 computers we have found that the minimum requirements are higher and we recommend at least an AMD K6-2 400MHz for proper playback. 2.3 Lowering image quality to

For a possible workaround, see section 4.2. How can I fix that?Answer: This answer is for experts only. I clicked the "RENDER" button and the it told me that "nevideo.ax" was the culprit. Not only did it not fix the problem but the computer crashed hard and needed a hard reboot. (Why?

When I saw the tip about uninstalling SoundForge, I thought that might be it. The program can be downloaded from the Software section. For more information about this problem, see section 6.1. 5.2 What is the XviD codec? Join the community here.

Votes: Rating: 0 Delete: 0 From: Antonio on 12/15/2007 Hello! Thanks. Nov 14, 2006 #10 jps911 TS Rookie I have the same problem...I can open the avi files in Windows Media Player and QuickTime, but in Explorer, just showing the AVI file Given the OPen Source code, does anyone know if any one has rewritten the code or know of a fix that doesn't disable these features?

Monitor Television Projector Portable © 2017 XviDMovies.com Rooster TeethAchievement HunterFunhausScrewAttackGame AttackThe KnowCow Chop Logo Shows Up Next RT Life: RT Maternity Ward starting 4 hours from now Wednesday - 10:00 AM I have tried everything I saw in this thread. Goto the File menu in Windows Media Player and select Properties (make sure that you have a XviD movie loaded or the Properties option will be disabled). Try to apply some advises above, with no use.