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So, is this process safe or a malware? I'm confused, and semi-technologically retarded. the expert normally, just a stupid windows process that assists in logging in/out of windows. Follow the below steps to make modifications for a smooth process extermination.

Normally, this process should not be tampered with - If it is using any more memory than 832k (approx.) memory, then it should be removed as it could be a virus/spyware. Sarah_PhamponNov 20, 2011, 10:56 PM I'm concerned that one of the processes I found running, winlogon.exe, could possibly be a trojan. Hisbollah WinLogon.exe is a critcal system process that lets you log on, log off, and checks to see if you have a Valid License Key. important file! http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/winlogon.exe.html

How To Remove Winlogon.exe Virus Windows 7

So becareful when you uninstall a "generic" OS cuz for instance i tried to logoff my pc and nothing happened, nothing. Assignment of security to user shell When a user logs on, the GINA is responsible for creating one or more initial processes for that user. Very few programs should be started in this way.

The link is given below:  http://www.exe-error.com/free-download_rc.php?id=rightnav Use of spyware removal software will also help in this context. Winlogon provides a support function for the GINA to apply the security of the newly logged-on user to these processes. Its very persistant it isnt picked up with adaware or antivirus software. Winlogon.exe Sophos It is highly recommended that you run a FREE performance scan to automatically optimize memory, CPU and Internet settings.

Windows 7: What is winlogon.exe and how to remove it ? 02 Oct 2012 #1 sevener Windows 7 136 posts What is winlogon.exe and how to remove it Winlogon Virus Some of the parameters required in the Winlogon services available to GINAs explicitly support these additional network providers. Simple: Winlogon.exe , clean ( Aslong as it's run by SYSTEM. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Many viruses and spyware applications use this name. Winlogon.exe No Description The file size is 159,744bytes (18% of all occurrences), 111,616bytes and 32 more variants. Windows 7/Vista/XP Search for and open ‘Folder Options’ from ‘Control Panel’. clever_yong I'm not sure, But I think this program caused my computer to restart on its own...

Winlogon Virus

Some virusses use its name. Visit Website If not in system32, delete it! How To Remove Winlogon.exe Virus Windows 7 Type file:///C:/Windows/System32/Winlogon.exe into your browser to open it. Winlogon.exe Windows 7 It can cause the PC to shutdown.

Terry Winlogon is pretty busy when using Remote Desktop Paul Sakrison It can or cannot be a virus... So by all these means we can easily understand that winlogon.exe is quite essential .exe file. Spbot.D (Norton AntiVirus). These several files may conflict each other and corrupt the winlogon.exe files. Winlogon.exe Trojan

Means , that my computer started beeping and it removed my desktop pictures... If this happens, try and replace the file if you can and use an expert AV application in order to remove the infection InvoxiPlayGames (Daniel Wilkinson) Anyone who says Back to desktop and press Win key and R together to bring up a text box. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk6\DR6 with the Harddisk# and DR# changing with each error message.

See also: Link Sandra - Houston, TX The only one needed in system32 is fine until a trojan attaches itself to it. Winlogon Registry On systems not regularly security updated it is also funerable to both w32.netsky and backdoor prorat trojans amongst others. Somone who knows winlogon.exe (or winiogon.exe) is using up all 99% of CPU and has extremely slowed down my laptop (haven't yet been able to open a normal my computer window!!!),

If winlogon.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows\System32, the security rating is 54% dangerous.

Right click on it to rename it as cmd.com. In other word, basic system start-up cannot even be completed if the genuine winlogon.exe is corrupted or removed by force. The file size is 354,429bytes (12% of all occurrences), 624,752bytes and 17 more variants. Winlogon.exe Process solved 9x Winlogon.exe Duplicates?

The program must write itself to look like it is always running. Y This file is used by some spyware programs to launch their dll files when winlogon.exe is launched. Nathan As said by others, this process is responsible for managing user logon and logoff, both in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. If it is taking cpu or too much memory it may be a virus.

Try the following steps to manualy remove this dialog box.1. I desperately need clarification. Note* Viruses do the same for other critical windows processes, so be sure that you know which one you are looking at by double checking file sizes and other identifying details. See also: Link Cyborg i have a pc store, i sold about 3 pc's and i have this winlogon problem and i cant hide it because iam afraid if its system

However when scanning for it it is not picked up. Virus with same file name: W32.Netsky.D - see McAfee Symantec Corporation Trend Micro Click to Run a Free Scan for winlogon.exe related errors Users Opinions Average user rating of winlogon.exe: based