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Video and sound stops problem

SrtTrail.txt error Windows 10

[BSOD] Random crashes

Compenent MSINET.OCX"or of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is mis

Excluding folders/directories from windows XP search

S6410 PCI audio driver not working

New BSOD after having solved previous crashes

Add or Remove Programs won't open

Laptop gone jumpy.

Program crashes/BSoDs/failed installations

Computer very slow and "choppy" when loading

Oh no. BSOD!

Windows xp screws up like clockwork after every 3 months after reinstall

How gain control? Windows opens. Then everything freezes.[moved from security]

Suspected malware prob. Causing system crash and restart?

Black Context Menu

Windows 10 slowed down my internet!

Slow Boot/start up + Lag

Help With Installation Crash !

Security permissions problem?

Screen(s) go black (except mouse) - requires restart!

BSOD on startup! IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL please help!

Applications missing from all programs menu.

Is upgrade from OEM XP to 7 on new MB possible?

BSOD with .dmp file zipped

Ipod as 'unspecified device'

Problem with windows installation

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Horribly Slow Desktop! Log posted

Comp. freezing!

Vista audio gone after windows update

Recovery Partition Crash! Computer has no boot.

browser and windows issues

no task bar or start up

I have lost alot of my files and am ready to throw the computer out the wind

Laptop won't shutdown properly

Win10 - App can't open using the Built-in admin account.

Maxdata audio driver not working

Windows 10: Cortana gets refined

Mirroring + Dual-Monitors = Possible?

Internet is identifying

What are the required steps for reinstalling windows 10 on hp ProBook4540s?

Folders won't open

my computer rejects all attempts to fix it

Random crashes on new system

Windows Explorer Keeps Showing Same Files for Different Discs

Desperatly need a driver for firewire card.

start menu frozen

Video Distortion & Windows wont boot

Frequent Insolvable Crashes/BSODs

Can't open folders or My Computer

Programs not booting

Error Code 0xc0000006

Windows resizing

Random restarts (RESOLVED)

Audio\Video problem Genius who solves! help !

Taskbar icons

Programs/installers not running

Windows won't recognize file types

Unable to access Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel

stop c000021a {fatal system error} the windows logon process system process terminate

Windows Fails To Boot

Cursor/Window Issue

Upgrade from Media Edition to Professional

Did a system restore and now my computer will not boot *?

Introducing Windows 10 for Business

BSOD (JCGriff help!)

BSOD complete comp freeze

cmd / Regedit / unable to map network drives

Rebooting / keeping windows open

Crashed HD Lost programs

minimum pc components running to download

Problems since downloading upgrades from Windows

applications won't open after avg killed the viruses

My photos screen saver with path of file names showing (gone in vista). fix or alter

my pc restart without any notice

How do I fix my fonts?

Installation problems

Upgrade to W7 or no?

Multiple Desktops

Internal Microphone removed as recording device

My computer's memory usage is EXTREMELY HIGH! PLEASE HELP!

real small resolution problem


Taskbar doubles

Fresh Install/restore

new computer seems a little sluggish

windows wont minimize

Regedit.exe/regedit32.exe not running under win xp sp2

Problem loading up windows

Uncontrolled Zoom Problem

Combfix has run

Lots of random crashing of Vista

chkdsk [Resolved]

Failed installation now laptop keeps re-booting

Cannot boot/restore computer

Windows Explorer Crashes at Startup Post 2

Rebuilding sockets in the registry?

Unknown Characters in Some Text Fields

slow loading taskbar

Windows 10 nag and upgrade

Combined Partitions Half the Data No Longer Accessable

David's Computer runs incredible slow

Folder headings/categories

mmc.exe issue

Unable To Boot/reinstall Windows After New Monitor.

I can't change title bar colors

Windows will not boot

Explorer.exe crashing when closing folders

Restart without notice

Unable to do file association

programs do not open/close right

Win Min Messing Me up+find-online.net problem? Help

Please Help! Can't get to Windows

Screensaver Issue

Cannot Install Microsoft Updates

Files Disappeared From Desktop After Installing Software

PC randomly freezing/restarting automatically

Booting/crashing issue

problems with drivers.

Windows Explorer (Windows 7) mess

Anyone else losing internet connex due to Windows update?

Please Help.Lost all of My Documents


dell xps wont reinstall

invisible taskbar!

Win X Current window deselects

Vista Harddrive Registry Everything Problem

Unusual problems after running Spybot SE

Hidden Admin no longer has permission rights?

sound help - not sure if this goes right

BSOD after waking computer

My computer is just CRAWLING.

Win10 Insider boot issues

windows update broke this laptop

Sound Sriver Problem

Windows &: Nothing is working now

Slow computer restart (like 10-15 minutes)

Computer keeps freezing when windows updates

Taskbar Trouble!

Can't Run Programs Or Open Add/remove

Disabling the login screen?

Win10 Hi-Jack during Win7 Update

win xp and Hp printer 812c compatability

Various BSODs

Windows Installer always fails

spinning disc after updates

Need help with Daughters PC

Laptop starts to boot & then freezes

Trouble installing printer

Problem with bluetooth adapter

BSOD + hanging problems

Music CDs Won't Play

Apps freeze and will not close after returning from standby

WinXP Taking ages to shutdown/bootup

Why are my windows oddly enlarged?

startup and regedit problems

no sound after reset win 10

how to activate a screen saver in vista

Win 10 Update Process

Home Edition to Pro help

XP problem after update

Windows 10 virus

Very Slow Performance / 10-minute Startup

Windows Won't Boot Up After Norton Scan

C an win.ini or system ini be deleted

Unable to See User Account on Login Screen

Sound Problems.! (LEFT AUDIO DISABLED?)

Black screen and restart loop

Access is Denied After BSOD

Cant run regedit and cant install automatic updates.

windows 8 random semi-freeze + mouse lock + explorer.exe reload

BSOD Netio.sys happens when dling

(resolved)Missing bottom toolbar on IE

Standby mode won't resume properly - Screen freezed!

Kernel-Power ID 41 error

Windows crashes after install Windows updates

Win 10 Apps Grrrr!

power down problems

How do I change taskbar to this ?

Pc Keeps On Refreshing;

Programs are opening when the cursor passes over them

Busy cursor flashes intermittently

Need Smart Techies: Blu-Ray Playback Issues w/ Win7

Windows 10/How to Restore Default Screen Color

need help with startuplist

USB devices aren't recognized

Where does ntoskrnl.exe actualy run from?

Stuck at login screen

Explorer.exe/shell32.dll/ExplorerFrame.dll damaged

Heads up a.k.a M$ brings product activation to the XBox

Windows XP Does Not Recognize .MP3 And .wmv or any audio file

Invisible Menu

Complete Backup

Programs not working

fresh build keeps reseting itself.error message talks about drivers

Upgrading hardware with OEM Windows

Everything You Need To Know About The Windows 10 Notification Center

Is there a cause and effect thing between my disabling WMC

No Login option upon awake

Windows 7 windows are (literraly) running slow (among other things)

Ntfs.sys blue screen

My computer is freezing. Help!

How perform I configure my PC to robotically set up patches and updates?

screen size problems

Program/Startup problems + Spyware

2 Old updates keep failing to install. How do I just stop them or fix them?

Need Major help messed up system files

These new updates are terrible on my machine.

Software to prevent shutdown

tired of rebooting machine

Differend BSODs

drivers and system tray not loading

Speaking of lots of processes runing.

lockscreen Windows 10

coa labels

Blank Screensaver Crashes 1 of 2 Monitors

Uninstalling Windows 10

Windows 10: Windows Insider Program participants can upgrade to the RTM build.Windo

replaced proccesor now stuck in safe mode?

My windows Administrator User is missing


Vista dead slow even when nothing running

Deleting XP Partition to Extend 7 Partition

AntivirXP08 + ntos problem

laptop slow and now won't shutdown normally

Not loading OS

taskbar missing from second display

Connect to a Network issue

Windows Update caused my speakers to no longer work? Help!

HELP! Taskbar disappeared.cant accsess files.BIG MESS UP!

Dual Graphics Cards - Can't duplicate working setup

Can I Extend Vista Evaluation?

Windows 10

Very long delay on startup

Windows restarts 1 minute after desktop. Can only use safe mode please help.

Set up Win 7 user for a young kid (limiting account)

explorer opens files very slowly

Endless reboots

10 BSOD's within 2 hours

[Problem]Upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 7

VERY SLOW Startup and new windows in IE

windows running in windows

Microsoft Update Issues and Other Problems

Windows 10: The best hidden features

Failed updates/W7x64

Can't run Steam game on standard account

everythings running abit slow.

Lost spybot program

White blank icons on desktop ?

Parameters for Windows Explorer search

Clock always wrong

new prob!.Startup doest stop loading.

blurred fonts and images on monitor

ethernet problems

Realtek HD Audio Not Working. Tried Reinstalling but Failed. No Sound Now.

RAM is maxed out after software installtion

XP X64 and STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

Slow startup after installation

browser hangs up

Quickstart keeps disappearing

Computer not working after windows updated?

sound problem on windows vista

Windows 8 always having a bad installation

HD with win7 no longer boots up

Sheared printer problem Please Help

Photo app shows only one photo

Computer Running Slow And Jerky

Problem with user accounts

Windows coming up too small

\system 32\ntoskrnl.exe is missing

PC wont boot up or Windows locks up early

Windows 8 Upgrade (Reformat/Clean Install)

Windows will not load

Reinstall problems

WLX Photo veiwer not working

Standard users unable to login

Automatic Updates Disabled

No network devices after upgrade

Service Manager error 7035 intermittent freeze up

You can now opt back into receiving Windows 10 Insider builds

Help with erratic device pointer

Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Computer Heating Up During Windows Instalation

system error fixer bug.with log

automatically closes window

Problem with Taskbar Icons

BSOD - Card Reader?

calibration area full

system running extremely slow and i'm having a few problems

Can't connect through LAN Ethernet

Programs won't run. all set to read.

Upcoming changes to Windows 10 Insider Preview builds

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