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Corrupted Data on HDD

Pop ups/ad windows

Help! - 12-11 Malware Viruses & Trojans

how to capture subtitles in Media centre

Turn off Web Content Filter?

Disassemble pop ups

virus problem; can't run first steps

removed a virus but pc still not working.

HELP my laptop is deathly slow and i dont know what to do

Is this virus/malware related? What's up with my system?

Suspect Virus / Malware

Spyware/Virus scan says it's gone but problems continue

How do I backup the Files and Software

How to Reduce Thumnail's size and quality?Or increase?Plz Help!

Compressing movie to fit on disk?

Real problem. Please help!

Completely Reset

Unable to Re-install XP - SOLVED!

Creating a Second Vista Recovery Disk

Windows XP being Slow (Transferred From XP Support)- Malware issue?

Help saving perfmon as html file

SP3 uninstall

Rebooted PC

2 Operating Systems (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

file download/open program (& my log)

Programs connecting to the internet.

Help with spyware on my moms laptop!

user accounts window

Malicious Malware issue.

Rename Favorites menu?

ics through lan

Malware Possibly.Need Help.

How to show a message to user just after he/she logon?

Tracking Internet Sites

Is there any way to get my data back?

How to remove remote control hacks that have been put into a computer?

Slow Comp┬┐ + Color Distorted Start UP

Possible infected computer?

Delete corrupted file

spyweres & popups

Need help getting rid of this popup message

how to erase all aol software

Adding properties to details pane

Mysterious Files and Homegroup setup?

Web Browser help please

IE issue: adw_searchaid.a adware

Iexplore.exe shuts down

How to I retrieve favorites history?

Search engine redirecting to adware websites

Privoxy Problem

Problem running chkdsk /r on recovery console

URL's are being redirected to advertisement websites

File backup

Pc infection

Malware - frozen PC

Adware problem

my pc flooding websites. its virus ?

SATA HD problem

Increasing tv signal loss

Long Battle with Virus

i have malware

How to Create A Bootable DVD?

Computer and Graphics lagg

HJT scan: Virus Problems (several adaware viruses.)

Installing problems with .sit archive

Help with Malware issues WinXP on HP laptop

Please help.Malware problems

Computer most likely infected.

unwanted noise while recording

Help me remove pop-ups please

installing dual os

Virus Help - Browser Pop Ups

All my flash drive files are showing up as shortcuts!

paste in paint

How to install XP through Lan

Help! Lots of Troubles - Spyware/Malware/Virus?

Need to temporarily disable my AV?

requires admin to install

dfon't have HJT yet.have constant pop-ups and slow performance

Spyware problems.

virus - random firefox popups/redirections

Help Please - Infected PC

Help with multiple Malwares

Writing files to a cd

Partitioning into a C: D: and E: drive

XP F1 key required to finish booting up

How to the Monitor of a PC as Webcam?

How get rid of remnants of uninstalled software?

Install XP in place of Vista

extremely difficult malware problem

Backing up a system

Advertising popup problem

dll not found

Links re order in Explorer xp

CPU allocation isn't right.

how to reformat acer laptop

Installing Vista on second hard drive

How to stop cmd file transfer?

Spyware / Pop-Ups on IE & Firefox

Disabling unnecessary background processes.

i think my system is still infected.

recover browsing history

Help with removal of suspected rootkit!

Formatting Computer

Trashcan in hotmail

System Clean out

Admin demoted/WLM Spam Virus/Major programs dissappearing/more!

Search result popup randomly

Mad spyware.I need help!

how to convert

i have a problem with virus/trojan/spyware? please help.

wiped laptop

Keylogger problems

Cant get rid of spyware

Virus/Malware/spyware causing my browser to crash

need to remove one version of xp

Irritating spyware

Need some serious

Can't get rid of pop ups. Keep coming back after using adaware and spybot and spydoc

Unwanted Tool Bar

How to remove Worms/Viruses

Unwanted popups and Redirects

typed format c: in command prompt(Big Mistake) What can I do now?

need help on downthemall

Vista Crashes and Wont Boot without PS/2 Keyboard

Before Reformat (where do I find my drivers?)

How to remove I-worm.Trojan.b

IE 7 wont play Java 8: im really lost here

Copied OS from SATA to IDE HD using Partition Magic 8

help me please friends computer is bugged

Accidently set up a home network

bad virus help please

My computor is heavily infected

help with winrar

blocking and unblocking ports

Are You Energized?

Why is my backspace button deleting letters in front of the cursor

How to "factory restore" Vista that now has XP?

Help with Trojan/Malware removal

Babylon Tarma Yontoo Virus

Desktop + Popups

random popups(winactive?)

Computer dead?

Computer acting funny after infected file removal

restore factory settings

Constant pop-ups - Web Buying Adware

Unsubscribe to unwanted emails

Email hacking

Im experiencing odd behavior with popups slow startup

Was I keylogged? Can't find the virus.

Unwanted Ads

How to "format" the virtual machine and re install Windows XP?

IE8 minimizes MSWord when using hyperlink

google redirect - myglobalsearch

Computer really Slow/Ads popping up everywhere!

IE-antivirus.com Can't clean it off

Cannot Uninstall the Toolbar

I just rid my computer of a virus and need to get rid of the aftemath

Viral Infection. grinding computer

infuriating popup spyware removal ads

Ny touch pad was disabled?

Virus Problem - I think

A little lag in all games

Win XP and Outlook archive revcovery

Help with possible virus/malware

Please help me get rid of oinadserver popups.

i need to get rid of a virus

laptop vrus

Cleaning up an infection

Need help determining presence of spyware/malware please

Cannot install some programs or archives

how to remove password

Annoying advertisement Pop-ups in IE

HOW to remove myself from other users MSN WLM NETWORK?!

Locked Folders.

Bypassing/overiding windows password

windows 7 c drive is 250gb.How to make new partition

Virus or Malware causing laptop 2 b boat anchor

my computer is infected!

Graphic driver install

got a spyware/malware! can't get rid of it or do anything.

Re-instaltion of OS on new PC

Unable to perform memtest86

thank you for any help on cleening my computer

how to rid things from e-mail drop down

Virus Infected Laptop

How to change IE settings programatically

Huge Crash Mess on my Computer

Problem with BOSDs

File Extention Problems

Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

how to raise your fps

pc messing up

W2K computer was infested

How to remove nvata.sys - BSOD during format

Very specific website (s?) blocked

How To Erase Everything?

New SSD install best practices?

WinXP - What is the "Hide IM" task?

Help with random popups

Install Windows

Random advertisments and google chrome?

Windows Recovery Malware

DownThemAll Help

control panel - uninstall programs- no file size of program

Hard Drive Space Reallocation

How to bypass survey? Plss HELP me.

Hardware Virtualization Disabled

help: lost files - maybe hidden - virus

date in windows xp

Help saving Favorites

scanning for spyware with 3 different XP users

Google spyware maybe Help Me please !

Ipod Help

Port Opening With Windows 7

Laptop Log

Blocking a chat window on a particular website

google redirecter

Computer riddled with viruses/spyware

transfer data

Autocad installtaion gone wrong - now what to do?

Screen shots

Getting rid of spyware

how to enable the eist and c1e items

how to remove Porn-dialer.win32.agent.aw

Enable WiFi? (How to?)

HDD tools Virus

Cleaned my computer with staff help today. Scan still found virus on my computer.

Install xp on compaq laptop

Virus/Malware forcing random Firefox Pop-ups

Popup ads and computer running slow!

Malware / Trojan Problem.

Can somebody please help me fix my pc chess game?

torrent file won't delete from desktop.

Can't get rid of popups

Virus that permenently removes all sounds from a pc.

Google search redirects and unwanted popups

two computer network with ethernet switch

Can't complete a virus or any other kind of scan pc restarts help!

Adding RAM and upgrading to Windows 7

browser popups

laptop wo't come out of hybernating state

Help with adware and malware

Help with constant pop-ups!

safely shinking and merging partitions

Auto Defrag in "Scheduled Tasks" - How to make it "Autorun"?

HELP windows is infected!

Music sharing/missing .dll file problem

Running 'cmd' crashes my system

Corrupt files and computer crashes

Network Bridge - PC to Xbox Problems

Do I Need These Folders/Files?

Think my computer is infected

drive C error-cheking option doesn't run

Think I may have malware

Secretly connecting

backdoor bots and step one problems

Reinstalled OS - driver issues?

Reinstalled Windows

Can't get rid of certain pop ups!

Building a new computer

Weird message about ram when booting

Homepage changing at random - constant tracking cookies

Wireless connection issues

Constant popups by trojan: Win32:Mhtplo-27

No safe mode or windows after malware infection

Malware or Virus problem please help.

Highly infected computer needs help.

Ads keep popping up

deleting themes

URGENT! Can't Open Multiple Windows In IE!

How to get rid of cyberdefender

Virus & Malware Problem - Please Help

Help with program files and the likes

Destroyed files and file names by virus

popup on my desktop help needed

cant get rid of this ONE popup. so annoying

how to add more Partition to my hard drive

files needed to be deleted

Pop-ups-spam ware-HJT Log

Help needed with virus attack on my Laptop

changed users lost info

Now The DeskTop is infected.

I think i have a malware! (bought a used computer)

Shaving Eight Seconds

How to save e-mail message in WLM for senind as 'Attachment?'

Disco sound problem

Hide other drives from different partitions


removing protected virus from th USB

Uninstall Vista.


New Windows install

Locked out of a Rummage Sale Computer

Upgrading memory

Programs cannot connect (I know there are probably plenty of these

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Programs Blocked Even in Safe Mode

Malware Issue

Windows 7 FTP Help

How to make a Bootable CD?

READ THIS! Who is helping you?

Two Windows XP on my computer

Losing emails.

Internet Redirecting and Getting Worse

Remove Popup Ads

Instafinder and other spyware won't dissapear! I fear I've got a trojan.

Virus/All files needed attached

Acer D2D and Bootmgr missing HELP :(

Prevent email addys being seen

Trojan virus suspected.Windows Xp

switch between harddrives

DLL errors

My parents clogged computer.

Computer Infected - Help!

RAM upgrade - Will it solve my problem?

Sharing applications among users

Saving GIF Files

Website found

Moving icons

Popups Make Taz AnGrY!

Need Help with Virus

Running one O/S within another

Rebooting Computer

Computer attempting to read from floppy drive when browsing to C: root folder

Help getting rid of Malware

Please help quick! Friend's computer crashing

Unlocking a desktop previously locked.

Windows 7 RAM problems

winrar too big

Cant Get Rid Of Malware/Adware

ports are being blocked

infected by malware or spyware

how to make icons on taskbar bigger

hibernating problem

TV broadcast coming through PC speakers

Stuborn Spyware !

monitor extend prog?

Infected computer

Installing XP on Vista

How do I Troubleshoot JavaScript?

Messed up PC - spyware

Text overwriting

Decrypting files in xp professional

Unable to install XP.

Virus/malware troubles

XP messing up badly

how to find if a software has left any traces even after uninstall

Unwanted Screen Display Change

I think i got a virus.

RE-Installation of Operating system

Removed Trojans - now system freezes

Pop-ups won't go away

Unable to get rid of a rootkit/malware

export game from old computer to new computer

HELP! Cannot not seem to completely clean my system

viewing camcorder video direct

Lock drive for other users

Creating a Bootable CD

iTunes / iPod problem

BUMPED-Laptop acting very weird

Username in XP install process

Pop-ups and redirects in firefox

can't get rid of pop-ups

New Log that needs cleaning

Saving my emails

Reducing Image Size Printing from Internet

Windows full of uninstall files

Permissions on USB drives in Vista

Are JPEG pictures viewed and saved with Picture Viewer defaults to Thumbnail view ?

HELP Laptop infected with virus can't run any programmes

Changing Fonts

I think my computer has herpaghonnasyphylaids

How to save history?

Can you access other users' files/folders?

Help with spyware and adware isearch desktop etc.

Sound Drivers Uninstall

Spyware that just won't go away

Computer Rebooting when performing certain tasks + virus constant popup

Trying to gain control of this laptop

Dividing A Partion to 2 partions

Severe Malware Damage - Critical Laptop

Have a virus or something that disabled all security software

Possible rootkit/virus

Overwhelming amount of Spam emails

Can someone check my log?

blocking website

How to remove Trojanspm/lx ?

Program open with 7zip not .exe?

Problem transferring files to new account?.

I have alot of pop-ups

change operating system

files and folders are invisible

Home network for file/printer sharing: desktop-wireless router- laptops

What probelms with having multiple windows installs on same system?

source of popups evades me (HJT log)

iPod and iTunes issues

Virus Deleting Files.

Group Renaming of Files in Vista

bombarded with popups and 'Lookme2' virus?

Need Help to fix virus on computer

formatting a cdfs type DVD

Maybe Infected Computer Freezing

Transferring address book and some word doc.files using Thumb Drive?

How to use integrated videocam

help trying to repair

Can't print double sided from Office 2007

Spyware/Virus problem on laptop plus other problems

Installing Vista-64 on New Drive

How to get rid of (1) when downloading files.

Having trouble running .NES (nintendo) on xp

Locked file delete

unblocking ports

Please some help with slow PC

view saved web page?!?

Program Auto Start

Deleting stubborn folders

please help with malware/trojan removal

A file I download through a torrent will not delete

New System and new to Vista. Have a few questions about my system and OS.

how to delete permanently?

Recovering formatted partition?

Computer in horrible condition- please help

Unwanted IE Windows opening

Emergency help! can't open pc and missing harddrive

Hi Malware issue

Uninstall ubuntu

Located Virus

Annoying shadow boxes on desktop

pop-ups and various other annoying things.

xp OS and Harddrives question

Trimming Down Apache OpenOffice

malicious adware

Log & popup help

burning DVD

opening different file types together

Virus disabled all antivirus

Detected trojan virus in windows folder config-tell me what to do!

Help! I can't remove Malware on my own

Can't remove Spyware/adware - AntiVirusDisableNotify and others

Pop-ups and slow system start-up

how is he tracking when I am logging on and off the computer?

Help! Administrative Rights

[resolved] has my pc got a virus

Restoring history of IE6

Favorites Import In IE11

vista RAID info

HOw to back up files

how to delete MyWay.MywebSearch and Funweb products

Annoying popups

Locked Computer?

Slow Computer- Suspect Malware

recording a webcast automatically

Refresh W8

Not sure if it's a virus.please help

(Vista)Weid sites automatically appear?

Make a bootable CD?

dell clean install

I cant unhide hidden files and folders

Importing pictures from DVD

Please help locked out of system administrator and several other issues

How to backup?

Can I change xp cd key?

computer to television connection

Need professional help removing spyware

Replace Dll?

How to remove Email-Worm.Win32.Rays

Clock Resetting?!

Save email ?

from google to unwanted site

I know I am infected Hijack log and more

how do i update my graphic driver

Some sort of worm that causes all the folders turn to 'Read-Only"

Virus/spyware problem

App Killing Audio

change www.dell.com default homepage

How to restrict IE access

Ad Removal

Hidden Virus or Malware Problems - Help Please

Microsoft Word Form Fields

Please help -- trojan/ad problem

Having Spyware problems! Here's the HJT Post! Please Help !

Malware issue help

connecting laptop with a phone line

Attack of the spyware!

Suspect keylogger

PLEASE HELP! computer infected with spyware

Spyware problem? or virus?

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