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The International Code Council expresses its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones who suffered losses at the Ghost Ship artist venue in... Question: Alternative solutions – What are they? As a result, all students are expected and encouraged to seek immediate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed due to intoxication or drug ingestion. Students residing in Boston College residential facilities must follow all policies regarding guests, as listed in the Conditions of Residency. 4.3 SUBSTANCE USE AND ABUSE POLICIES Boston College abides by all

Additionally, failing to tender payment for services rendered (e.g., taxi fare evasion, etc.) constitutes theft. 4.5.3 Information Technology (IT) Use Students must abide by all University policies governing the use of Related Topics Building Performance Building performance efforts seek to improve the energy performance of existing buildings by taking a comprehensive approach to improving their energy efficiency, comfort and productivity. What is the BC Plumbing Code? Regardless of legal drinking age, all students are prohibited from: possessing or consuming an open container of alcohol in on- or off-campus public or common areas (e.g., Campus Green, outdoors, lounges, http://www.codecheck.com/

Participation in a demonstration without prior authorization could result in conduct action. Yes, but we will have to double down on our efforts. For a complete list of products and pricing, contact the Queen’s Printer: Website: www.bccodes.ca Toll free: 1 800 663-6105 Fax: 250 387-1120 Email: [email protected] Question: Why is the BC Building Code If you printed the 2009 VCC prior to February 14, 2011, you should either print the new file for use, or at a minimum, print a new table of contents page

Illicit drug use is illegal and can lead to serious harm to physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships; it can also lead to dangerous physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, Misuse of Prescription Drugs: Misuse of prescription drugs, including opiates/pain-killers (i.e. The Dean, or designee, reserves the right to determine the time, place and manner of any public demonstration in order to safeguard University operations and the rights of the University community. Respect for property also involves helping to foster a positive and supportive environment.

Energy Audits An energy audit is a thorough accounting of the energy use of a building.  Also known as energy assessments, audits are a powerful way to improve the energy efficiency tailgating, Marathon Monday, Senior Week) that occur on or off campus. 4.6.11 Weapons Policy Possessing or carrying a firearm, loaded or unloaded, in any building or on the grounds of Unauthorized entry into or presence within University buildings or areas, including athletic facilities, construction sites and student rooms or offices, even when unlocked, is prohibited. http://bcapcodes.org/ A sense of security, tranquility and accomplishment are all essential to the learning endeavor.

Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and may be held accountable for violations committed by their guests, including restitution for damage to University facilities or other restitution as Consequently, incidents of sexual intercourse outside the bonds of matrimony may be referred to the Student Conduct System. 4.6.9 Student Demonstrations To ensure that public demonstrations do not violate directly or BEYOND CODE Standards and regulations that go beyond minimum requirements. Hundreds of innovative suppliers in a...

What is the cost? Is your question about building permits? Read More December 27, 2016 Proposed Committee Interpretation Posted for ICC Membership Review and Comment. Situations where an individual seeks medical attention for him/herself or for another Boston College student will be handled according to the Seeking Help for Alcohol and Drug Related Medical Emergencies policy.

This includes, but is not limited to providing a false report of an emergency, crime, or code violation; providing false statements during a University investigation or proceeding; or falsely activating a Read More December 13, 2016 Code Council Applauds Senate’s Passage of Water Bill. General PoliciesCurrent page: Section 4. ICC is applauding the Senate’s passage of a wide-ranging bill that will include $170 million to address lead in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water...

Improper use of laser beam instruments is also prohibited. Answer: “Alternative solution” replaces the term “equivalency” used in the 1998 BC Building Code. Read More December 6, 2016 OGCV Sees Significant Increase in Participation. Question: Windows and Doors – Are there new regulations in the BC Building Code?

The board bases the technical requirements of the USBC on nationally-accepted model codes and standards and makes as few amendments as possible. The window opening must be 0.35M2 with no dimension less than 380mm. Is your question about a building located in the City of Vancouver?

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We believe that the United States can harness the full potential of energy efficiency to achieve greater economic prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection for all its people. Top Code Availability and Cost Question: Where can I buy the Building Code, Plumbing Code and Fire Codes? Terms of Use. Students who demonstrate consistent and repeated patterns of seeking help for alcohol and drug related medical emergencies may require further medical review and/or treatment up to mandated medical leaves of absence.

For information regarding the University Hazing Policy, see our Hazing Awareness & Prevention page. 4.4.4 Physical Violence/Assault Physical violence in any form cannot be tolerated in a civil, educational environment. The goal of the Code of Student Conduct is to facilitate this growth by educating and fostering the civility, communality, and social decorum required of an educational institution. 4.1 STATEMENT OF How do I get an LDAC? All of these benefits are difficult or impossible to capture if not taken into consideration at the time of construction.

This principle requires students to respect personal and institutional property, inside and outside the Boston College community. 4.5.1Property Damage Deliberate or malicious damage/destruction of property is considered a serious offense by