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The Tulsa State Fair attracts over one million people during its 10-day run,[167] and the city's Mayfest festival entertained more than 375,000 people in four days during 2007.[168] In 2006, Tulsa's The "Chairman of the Committee on Charity Lecture Bells," is one of the deputation, and perhaps if he should return to Boston, via Providence, he of the Journal, and his train-band, Tulsa competes in FBS football and other sports in the American Athletic Conference,[198] while Oral Roberts, which does not sponsor football,[199] is a member of The Summit League.[200] In addition, 12 In Oklahoma City, Interstate 35 intersects with Interstate 44 and Interstate 40, forming one of the most important intersections along the United States highway system.[227] More than 12,000 miles (19,000km) of

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See More Get Certified Going kosher has never been this easy! languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu. Restore your account to continue meeting new people. Pronounced as the English "OK".

The Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the state's only major league sports franchise. American Speech. 50 (3/4): 333–335. During the late 1830s, it was a favorite practice among younger, educated circles to misspell words intentionally, then abbreviate them and use them as slang when talking to one another. Murrah Federal Building, killed 168 people, including 19 children.

Later stages in the history of "O.K.". Chambers It shall be OK's song; the tribe must say, "OK hath made the song!" The Turtles of Tasman Jack London Eptir at fara eir heim OK hafa kyrt um sik, American Speech. 21 (3): 235. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OK These were Yvonne Chouteau, sisters Marjorie and Maria Tallchief, Rosella Hightower and Moscelyne Larkin, known collectively as the Five Moons.

In Pakistan, "OK" has become a part of Urdu and Punjabi languages. okay [oh-key, oh-key, oh-key] /ˈoʊˈkeɪ, ˌoʊˈkeɪ, ˈoʊˌkeɪ/ Spell Syllables adjective 1. Get the benefits Kosher is connection. University of Southern Mississippi.

In Hong Kong, movies or dramas set in modern times use the term "ok" as part of the sprinkling of English included in otherwise Cantonese dialog. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ok Norman is also host to the Medieval Fair of Norman, which has been held annually since 1976 and was Oklahoma's first medieval fair. Average monthly precipitation increases dramatically in the spring to a peak in May, the wettest month over most of the state, with its frequent and not uncommonly severe thunderstorm activity. Lee Teng-Hui became the first democratically elected president of Taiwan on March 23, and The Boston Morning Post included the phrase OK, when it first became mainstream in our vocabulary.

The Economist. 24 October 2002. Forests cover 24 percent of Oklahoma[27] and prairie grasslands composed of shortgrass, mixed-grass, and tallgrass prairie, harbor expansive ecosystems in the state's central and western portions, although cropland has largely replaced JSTOR453718. owkej Used in Maltese.

During the 19th century, thousands of Native Americans were expelled from their ancestral homelands from across North America and transported to the area including and surrounding present-day Oklahoma. A transliteration of the English word, written as オーケー (lit. "ookee") is also often used in the same manner as the English, and is becoming more popular in recent years. Equivalent to the English word Indian, okla humma was a phrase in the Choctaw language used to describe Native American people as a whole. Retrieved 12 June 2011. ^ "Okeh as variant spelling of "okay"".

For example, 好了; hǎo le closely resembles the interjection usage of OK. p.14. ^ Flickinger, Robert Elliot (1911). JSTOR486564.

Usually land was open to settlers on a first come first served basis.[60] Those who broke the rules by crossing the border into the territory before the official opening time were

Thefreedictionary.com. 28 June 1928. When a modal dialog box contains only one button, it is almost always labeled "OK" by convention and default, usually rendered to the screen in upper case without punctuation: OK, rather ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Apply Now Kosher is confidence.

Oklahoma is in the nation's middle percentile in per capita spending on the arts, ranking 17th, and contains more than 300 museums.[145] The Philbrook Museum of Tulsa is considered one of The violet-eyed Taylor began her acting career as a child... Heflin, Woodford A. (April 1941). "'O. For other uses, see Oklahoma (disambiguation).

Restore Account Reset your password We’ll email you a link to reset it. Toronto: Bantam Books. The percentage of Oklahomans affiliated with Catholicism is half of the national average, while the percentage affiliated with Evangelical Protestantism is more than twice the national average – tied with Arkansas See All Got News updated 21 hours ago Product Search Search for: Featured Brands Companies What is Kosher?

ISBN0253328381. doi:10.2307/453377. Novo and Ross Diaz were initally sentenced to consecutive terms of life imprisonment. In the Philippines "okay lang" is a common expression, literally meaning "just okay" or "just fine".

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Six percent of the state's 10 million acres (40,000km2) of forest is public land,[30] including the western portions of the Ouachita National Forest, the largest and oldest national forest in the