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2 amd c 60apu processors running on my brand new ASUS computer

CPU Usage is consistently over 90%

Explorer.exe taking up 50% of CPU usage

frequent cpu 100% explorer not responding

Please Help! CPU 100% and running slow

cpu usage high at idle

XP freezing /locking up.CPU running at 100%

Hijack This Help! (100% cpu usage on idle).a challenging one.

Computer Problems - High CPU Usage - Computer Lag

CPU usage 100% Unable to Run GMER

CPU usage always around 50%

Computer is slow - CPU is 100%

System too slow CPU 100%

My CPU sits on 100%

CPU usage too high at the opening.

CPU Usage - services.exe and TM Internet 2007[Moved from Windows]

High CPU usage after starting the PC

PC got slow. 100% CPU usage always. need help!

weird cpu usage spikes

CPU Usage showing 60 - 70% constantly & system getting slowly process

Possible Virus - CPU Usage and Fan High

CPU hitting 80% and slow PC. Help?.

100% CPU Use

Process using up huge amount of CPU power

High Percentage of CPU Usage

100% CPUsage

CPU usage maxing out

100% CPU Usage

cpu usage unusually too much

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