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Looking for help- slow computer

Computer running slowly (VunDrop

Computer's super slow

I notice computer slow down

Computer running a bit slow

PC slower than normal

Computer running V E R Y S L O W

PC working slower than normal

Computer running slow & misbehaving. HJT log enclosed.

Flowz Computer running slowly CLED error

computer running slow from spyware/viruses?

Slow computer speed & e-mail issues

computer running extremely slow!

My desktop is slow

computer running v poorly.help

Computer acting slow

Computer getting slower by the day!

Computer Running Slowly

computer running slow need help HJT

Virus/Slow PC. Please Help

Computer Running Sluggish

Drivers make computer slower?

Computer Running Slow - Log included.

Slower than normal processes.

Computer Running Slow

Slow Computer Issues

Computer is running very slow viruses and spyware possible malware

Everything's been running very slowly for a while now

Computer Slow down.

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