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Computer Lockup/Freeze

Computer randomly freezes for a period of time

PC freezes all the time

HELP! Computer constantly freezes.

Computer freezes when downloading

Completely Freezes

Help with 4 minute system hang after dialup

System freezes at Startup

Computer freezes at logo sign

My computer temporarily freezes

Random PC hangs

PC Freeze

Computer hangs/BSod while surfing net

computer freezes before even finishing virus scans or even ad-aware.

New Computer Locking Up When Left Overnight

Been having random freezes for the past year.

Dektop Freeze

Please Assist with Freezeups/Hangs!

Starting to FREEZE TO MUCH!

PC and HDD locks up every few hours

Computer freezing at startup

computer freezes up

Desktop freezes up

Computer freezes requiring reboot


Computer Screen Freezing.must force it to shut down.

BSOD + Computer freezes at startup etc

New computer freezes

Cumputer not shutting down and mouse freezing

Help with my BSOD & lockup issues

BSOD-Now there's a buzzing in the speakers

Computer freezes randomly for no reason

[RESOLVED] computer freezing and bsod

Internet Explorer freezes on startup. a little help would be appreciated.

Computer Freezes?

Problem with Freezing

pc crashes when streaming video!

Windows randomly freezes for seconds then Resumes

Is a driver problem causing my laptop to freeze?

Random computer freezes

computer freezes going from 16 to 32 bit

Freezing During all Boot

Crashing & Hard Reset Needed

Complete freeze under any graphic intense program.

BSOD and hangs problem

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